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LED Module

CAD Model 을 직접 사용하여 해석한 LED & AutoMotive Headlight Model

Mentor Graphics’ Mechanical Analysis Division has been a leader in electronics cooling since 1989 and has pioneered thermal characterization and analysis of ICs and LEDs. With FloEFD’s concurrent CFD, software that connects directly with your CAD software, users can simulate airflow and heat transfer using 3D CAD models directly, with no need for data translations or copies.

More specifically, the LED Module for FloEFD is an industry first providing a unique set of additional analysis capabilities for lighting engineers and designers. Capabilities added to FloEFD are:

A combined thermal and photometric model for LEDs:
  • Import of RC-ladder compact thermal models created by Mentor’s Transient Thermal Tester ‘T3Ster’ (Ref. 1) with optical data from TeraLED.
  • ‘Starter pack’ of LEDs for popular lighting applications: Cree XT-E, Osram Golden Dragon, Seoul P4 and Philips Luxeon Rebel.
  • Import your own LED models into FloEFD’s Engineering Database.

Correct Power and Temperature Prediction:
  • Specify forward current for your LEDs and FloEFD calculates the correct thermal heating power, and hence the correct operating temperature.
  • Accurate thermal radiation model that is capable for simulating absorption of radiation in semi-transparent solids such as glass as well as taking into account effects as refraction, specular reflection and wave-length dependency. (spectrum properties of the radiation)

Lumen output from your design (‘hot lumens’):
  • As part of the analysis FloEFD calculates the light from the LEDs in your design so you can see whether these meet your design goals for light output and uniformity.

  • Predict accurate operational light output (hot lumens) and temperature for your LED in situ.
  • Design concurrent SSL workflow embedded within your preferred MCAD system yielding:
    • faster, high-fidelity, right-first-time product designs in the shortest timescale possible, fewer design iterations, reduced development costs and fastest time to market.
  • Ensure compliance with LED vendor’s specs and avoid reliability issues and warranty recall costs.
  • Thermal and photometric models used are fully compliant with relevant CIE and JEDEC standards (Refs 3,4).
  • Contact your supplier for photo-thermal models generated by T3Ster TeraLED.

LED Application:
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