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FloEFD Automotive Lighting

FLoEFD Capabilities and Strengths in Lighting :

  • CAD embedded, hence very fast in the design cycle. 
  • Automatic fast mesher for highly complex geometry, hence no manual meshing time wasted. 
  • Sophisticated Monte Carlo radiation model for precise modeling of solar radiation, wavelength dependency, absorption in semi-transparent solids, focusing, reflection, refraction. 
  • Water film model (Surface condensation). 
  • Thermo optical LED compact model where LED thermal and optical data can be obtained from optical (TeraLED) and thermal (T3Ster) measurements. 
  • T3Ster and TeraLED measurement systems for precise LED property definition. 
  • Compact models: PCB model, Two-resistor compact model, Fan compact model. 
  • Interface to Optical tools and Structural CAE. 
  • Easy to use. Does not require advanced expertise due to implemented innovations such as boundary layer compact model, thin wall and thin channel models, automatic and robust meshing and convergence.

        Developed for Automotive Lighting users together with Automotive Lighting  Users

FloEFD User in Automotive Lighting :