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Part 2-4. Aircraft Fuel System Simulation in FloMASTER - 3D CFD Characterization


This final paper in the aircraft fuel system series will address a common issue with 1D system models. That is, how to add the required detail to the model for complex components that cannot easily be represented through correlations or empirical data. These types of components can be very common in aircraft systems. Irregularly shaped piping, complex bends, application specific valves and jet pumps are just a few examples of components that are difficult to model in a system simulation.

To get the data for these types of components engineers have two options; physical testing and 3D CFD. Physical testing can be extremely costly and is difficult to get data for all possible operational scenarios. 3D CFD can be very time consuming and usually requires an expert user to get results that are reliable. Mentor Graphics has a suite of tools that help address this issue.

This paper will go into detail on how 3D CFD (FloEFD) can be used in conjunction with Flowmaster can quickly and accurately characterize complex components without the need for a CFD analyst and provide an added level of robustness to an aircraft fuel system model.