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Automotive - Cooling System

게시자: Woongkee Lee, 2016. 9. 5. 오전 9:18   [ Songyi Han에 의해 업데이트됨(2016. 9. 12. 오전 12:51) ]
In modern automotive engine design, control over the operating conditions, especially temperature is essential to achieve maximum engine efficiency and to minimise emissions. Engineers are challenged to design and optimise for packaging space restrictions, powertrain architecture variations and thermal loads.

The Cooling Systems Modelling packages from Flowmaster enable users to model and optimise cooling system designs before building the real thing. Whether varying the design parameters of the thermostat to ensure a constant temperature in the cooling system or resize key components to packaging constrains, Flowmaster allows evaluation of:

• The impact of components from different suppliers on the overall cooling system
• The effects of different operating conditions; warm-up cycles in winter
• The effect of zero coolant flow following engine start-up
• The sizing of the expansion tank or de-gas bottle and its effects on performance
• Heat rejection based on engine speed and load
• The thermal flow paths between the engines metal structure with the coolant and underhood air flow
• The rate of heat transfer

Woongkee Lee,
2016. 10. 4. 오전 12:39