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  • Script Based Components 
    • Released @ V8.0
    • Enhanced @ V9.0
    • A methodology to easily define custom multi-arm components based on proprietary IP
  • Organic Rankine Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery
    • Released @ V8.0
    • Leverages NIST REFPROP & Two-Phase Enthalpy Solver
  • New Air Conditioning
    • Released @ V9.0
    • Faster than previous AC solver while being significantly more robust and flexible

Physics_Script based components
  • A technology to easily define custom multi-arm components based on proprietary IP
  • Introduced in V8, Enhanced in V9
  • Characterises Hydraulic and Thermal Behaviour
    • Equations are automatically linearized by FloMASTER
  • Works with any system type and fluid
  • @V9 can input\output signals and write custom results
  • Available to all FloMASTER users

Physics_New Air Conditioning
  • Leverages NIST REFPROP & Two-Phase Enthalpy Solver
  • Faster than existing temperature AC solver while being significantly more robust and flexible
  • New component models allowing for
    • Fast converged solutions
    • Flexible system topology
    • Fast component sizing and system optimization
      • Charge mass requirements
      • Compressor power requirements

Physics_Vapor Cycle Library
  • The combined VC library allows to model advanced thermodynamic cycles ;
    • Trilateral Flash Cycle
    • Transcritical Rankine Cycle
    • Trilateral Flash Cycle with Flash Tanks
    • Goswami Cycle
    • Kalina Cycle
    • Advanced multi stage cycles

Physics_Fluids as a Service (FAAS)
  • Fluids as a Service (FAAS) was introduced in FloMASTER V8.1
    • Provided an enhanced link to NIST REFPROP enabling
      • More than one fluid in a system using direct calls to NIST REFPROP
      • Multi-threaded calls to NIST REFPROP
    • Implemented for curves/surfaces and dll’s
    • Updated NIST REFPROP Version 9.1.1
  • At FloMASTER V9.0 it’s been enhanced through
    • Additional properties returned
    • Improved error handling for out of range properties allowing faster convergence and more stable two phase simulations
    • Enhanced reporting of the fluid source for model traceability

  • SBC. Simulation Based Characterization
    • Release @ V8.0
    • Enhanced system simulation with FloEFD multi-arm characterized components
  • CAD2FM. 3D MCAD Abstraction
    • Release @ V9.0
    • A workflow to convert MCAD geometry into equivalent FloMASTER system components

Connectivity_CAD2FM. 3D MCAD Abstraction
  • A new workflow to automatically convert 3D MCAD geometry into equivalent FloMASTER system components
  • Highly automated process directly from within the native design environment
  • Reducing construction time by up to 80%
  • Avoiding input data errors
  • Available Standalone as well as integrated within the following commercial CAD packages ;

CAD2FM Application
  • Piping networks supported by recognition of the following component types :
    • Pipe
    • Bend
    • Mitre Bend
    • T Junctions
    • Y Junctions

UX : Sample Systems
  • Three new Sample Systems are be available at V9.0 in addition to the 15 added in V8 and V8.1 ;
    • Automotive AC
    • Pipe Line Systems
    • Marine Cooling Systems

UX : Results Dashboard
  • The new Results Dashboard feature enables users to view the results they care about in a single location
    • Once created persistent and can be used to view same results from different result sets

UX : Gas Turbine Result Viewer
  • A Gas Turbine Result Viewer has been introduced in FloMASTER V9
    • Presents all of the results from a cavity to the user in a single hierarchical view
    • Allows for sorting and filtering of results
    • Allows Export Directly to Microsoft Excel
    • Allows the users to understand the relationship between results in the cells in a cavity

UX : Schematic Annotation
  • Allows the user to annotate a network using lines/shapes ;
    • Create a visual hierarchy
    • Highlight areas of interest
    • Mark Up Changes

UX : Parameters
  • Addition of new parameter type for transient results reporting the last value recorded in the simulation
  • Allows for monitoring of parameters at the end of a run
  • Reduces post-processing time to understand system status at end of simulation

UX : Data Management
  • Enhancements to allow the user to understand
    • Where performance data, scripts, components and fluids are assigned and where they have been used in simulations
    • Enhances Audit trail by making data usage more discoverable
    • Allows database administrators to understand implications of removing items

UX : Composite Components
  • Enhancements to the usability of composite components
    • Selecting in a network takes you directly to the data form for data entry \ results processing
    • Option to copy the complete composite making it easier to extend an existing model

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