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Simcenter Flomaster; Areas of Focus

▶ Physics
Deliver high value, application specific workflows through Extended Physics.

▶ Connectivity
Bring 3D CFD and 3D CAD into an integrated MBD enabled System Simulation environment.

▶ User Experience
Make Simcenter Flomaster a powerful & robust System of Systems application with a Designer Level UX.

Simcenter Flomaster™ Release Schedule

Simcenter Flomaster V9.1

This release focuses on;

Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 Increasing User Productivity

            • 4 New Sample Systems.
            • Schematic Annotation Enhancements.
            • Errors and Warnings.
            • Black Box Components.
            • License Data.

Sample Systems

  • In Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 Sample Systems have been further extended and enhanced.
  • The PDF describing the document can now be viewed without unpacking the model enabling the user to understand if the model meets their requirements.
  • 4 New Sample Systems have been added.
    • Air Cycle Machine.
    • Electric Vehicle.
    • Thermal Solid System.
    • Simple FMU Export.
  • Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 is now shipped with 22 Sample Systems.

Schematic Annotation

  • Allows users to annotate a network using lines/shapes ;
    • Create a visual hierarchy.
    • Highlight areas of interest.
    • Mark Up Changes.
  • Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 introduces 
    • A new tool bar with access to annotation mode, line and box tools.
    • Text on the Annotation Layer.

Errors and Warnings

  • The Simcenter Flomaster Simulator generates error and warning messages to help the user understand their model, i.e. ;
    • Errors : Missing Data, Failures.
    • Warnings : Assumptions, Simulation Events, Convergence.
  • At Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 the messages are now displayed in a tab below the schematic.
    • View message and component.
    • Direct access to simulation diagnostic tools from message tab.
    • Tab can be undocked and viewed on a second screen if required.

Black Box Export

  • “Black Box Export” allows for sharing models while protecting proprietary Intellectual Property(IP).
  • On export, System assets can be locked ;
    • Composite Components.
    • Performance Data.
    • Scripts.
  • On import locked items cannot be viewed by the end user while working transparently with the Simcenter Flomaster Simulation.

Launchpad Enhancements - Licensing

  • Visibility License Expiry dates is important for minimizing downtime on license expiry.

  • Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 displays the expiry date of currently selected licenses and options is displayed on license tab.
    • Green up to 60 days before expiry.
    • Yellow after 30 days.
  • Expiry date links through to Mentor Account Center for License Fulfilment and Management.

Extending System Simulation Capabilities

                  • Thermal management of E-Powertrain system.
                  • Simcenter Motorsolve Reduced Order Model Import.
                  • Supercritical CO2 cycle for power generation.
                  • FMI co-simulation export.
                  • OneSimulation.
                  • Dynamic Modelling through Script Based Components.
                  • Gas Turbine Labyrinth seals.

E-Powertrain Simulation with Simcenter FloMASTER

  • Focus on E-Powertrain Energy and Thermal Management.
  • Leverages Simcenter Flomaster’s experience with thermal and controller components.
  • New components to model energy storage and thermal management at the module and pack level.


EV Cooling Sample System Model

Motor Thermal Design and System Level Integration; Simcenter Flomaster & Simcenter Motorsolve

              • Ensuring the cooling systems of electric vehicles are properly designed is critical to ensuring thermal reliability, minimizing cost, and maximizing vehicle drive range.
              • Siemens automated thermal characterization is ideal for system engineers to account for thermal issues from earliest prototyping stages and reducing overall design cycle.

Thermal-driven implications for electric powertrain cooling system performance.

  • Accurate estimation of thermal behavior for motors over a range of driving conditions allow thermal system engineers to optimize cooling component sizing (and therefore cost) without jeopardizing motor  and power inverter life, due to high temperatures in the automotive environment.
  • Integrated workflow between motor design and system level analysis benefits users with significant reduction in design cycle time and cost.

E-Powertrain Simulation with Simcenter FloMASTER

New component family to model energy and thermal management for e-powertrains
Key Design Capabilities ;

  • Powertrain configuration and vehicle thermal management requirements.
  • Cabin comfort and HVAC design  impact on drive range.
  • Weight and volume considerations.
  • Battery, motor, and inverter trade-offs to achieve drive range/ vehicle performance targets.
  • Fast charge considerations.

Supercritical CO²

  • CO² acts like a liquid & a gas when supercritical.
  • Enables high power density and energy extraction.
  • Primarily applicable to power generation.
  • Simcenter Flomaster Supercritical CO² solution provides ;
    • System performance and optimization including ;
      • Component selection.
      • Charge mass requirements.
      • Compressor power requirements.
    • Highly flexibility system topology.

Dynamic Modelling through Script Based Components

  • The Script Based N-Arm component allow users to quickly create custom components based on their own mathematical models and correlations.
  • N-Arm Components are used within Simcenter Flomaster for component development including Math Controllers.

  • The Scripted N-Arms features include ;
    • Models Entered as Scripts.
    • Data forms can be customised.
    • Custom results can be output.
    • Verification Scripts allow confidence in models.
    • Signal Input and Output allowing integration into control systems.
    • Transient – State Variables and Time Derivatives.

Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Co-Simulation Export

  • FMI is a tool neutral standard to support both model exchange and co-simulation.
  • FMI is supported by over 108 tools and is used by automotive and non-automotive organizations throughout Europe, Asia and North America.
  • FMI Co-Simulation Export In Simcenter FloMASTER
    • Simcenter Flomaster exports a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) for Co-Simulation
    • Support for fixed parameter, continuous input and continuous output boundaries
    • Full support for FMI protocols including co-simulation time step and logging
    • Custom Image can be assigned to component


New Simulator API Interface

  • Historically a user wanted to run the simulator and interact with it via the api they were required to

  • At V9.1 Simulator can be launched from Network object – with license

Gas Turbine - Labyrinth Seal Components

Enabling :
  • Modelling of straight through, staggered and stair-step labyrinth seals with smooth and honeycomb lands.
  • Modelling of deformation effects due to thermal expansion and centrifugal force.
  • Modelling of swirl change due to torques from rotating and stationary surface.
  • Modelling of effects of rotating surface windage power on the change of seal flow temperature.
  • Allowing user direct control of clearance using Simcenter Flomaster controllers and scripting functionality.
  • Allowing user calibration of the seal flow coefficient using user seal test data to improve modelling accuracy.


“OneSim” is a tightly coupled co-simulation workflow that enables a Simcenter FLOEFD model to be considered as part of a Simcenter Flomaster network.

  • Flow rates, pressures and fluid temperatures are communicated at the connection points throughout the solution process.
  • Internal Simcenter FLOEFD ‘goals’ can be exposed as output signals in Simcenter FloMASTER.

Unrivalled stability and usability compared to classic co-simulation approaches.

OneSim Demonstration