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Flowmaster Korea Newsletter 201712

posted Dec 5, 2017, 11:03 PM by Songyi Han   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 11:03 PM ]

안녕하세요, Flowmaster Korea 입니다.

2017년 12월 Newsletter 입니다.

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[FloMASTER] ​Validation1 : C. Samuel Martin; Experimental Investigation of Column Separation with Rapid Closure of Downstream Valve

이 기술자료는 Reference 논문을 바탕으로 FloMASTER 해석결과를 validation 하기 위한 자료입니다.

여기서는 밸브를 빨리 닫는 가운데 발생하는 수주분리(Column Separation)를 포함하는 Surge 현상에 대한 C. S. Martin의 실험 논문을 바탕으로 FloMASTER를 통한 해석을 검증하고 있다.

정도에 따라 3가지 단계로 구분하여 각 단계의 Surge 현상에 대하여 실험결과와 해석결과를 비교 고찰한다.

Reference : Martin C.S.Experimental investigation of column separation with rapid closure of downstream valve.4thInternational conference on Pressure surges

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[FloMASTER] ​Validation2 : Developments in unsteady pipe flow friction modelling

이 기술자료는 Reference 논문을 바탕으로 FloMASTER 해석결과를 validation 하기 위한 자료입니다.

"비정상 배관 유동 마찰 모델링의 개발"이라는 논문을 바탕으로, 세가지 속도에 대한 급속 벨브폐쇄 후 Pipeline의 압력을 FloMASTER의 해석결과와 논문의 결과를 비교 분석합니다. 여기서는 FloMASTER의 Quasi-steady와 Unsteady Friction모델이 사용되었습니다.

Reference : Bergant A. Simpson A. & Vitovsky J. Developments in unsteady pipe flow friction modelling. Journal of Hydraulic Research

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[FloEFD] Cooling of Electrical Machines

Electrical machines like transformers, motors and generators have a high efficiency; however the electrical losses reach such high levels that the produced losses must be removed through an appropriate method.  The life expectancy of the winding isolation strongly depends on temperature, an increase of the temperature level by 5 to 8 K results in a halving of the life expectancy.  As the winding resistance is temperature dependant, an improvement of the cooling would bring about a decrease on the copper losses.  Due to the high material costs, it is desirable to use this to its limit: through a more efficient cooling process the current density can be increased and as a result the same machine size can reach a higher power.

The flow and thermal processes in a large motor or generator are highly complicated and they cannot be well described with the older methods. Measurements inside a fast rotating rotor are very complicated due to the high circumferential speed.  The 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics is the correct alternative for the analysis, concept and for the detailed design of electrical machines as it allows to precisely predict the flow structure around the stator coil ends, the distribution of the cooling medium, the pressure losses, the heat transfer coefficients and temperature distribution.  Without an extreme simplification of the geometry, a coupled thermal and flow calculation for the complex geometry of a stator in the coiler head is only possible with software based on Cartesian mesh like FloEFD.

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Technical Note

[FloMASTER] FloMASTER V8.1 환경에서의 V7(v795) Database 사용 Error (2)

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[FloMASTER] Two phase 솔버를 이용한 LNG의 기화 Heat duty 계산

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[FloMASTER] Feedback Controller 사용하기

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[FloMASTER] Journal Bearing Input Data 입력방식 비교 (V6, V8)

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