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Flowmaster Korea Newsletter Vol 11 P

게시자: Songyi Han, 2018. 11. 6. 오후 8:50   [ 2018. 11. 6. 오후 9:22에 업데이트됨 ]

Flowmaster Korea Newsletter Vol 11 P

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Flowmaster Conference 2019

Flowmaster Korea Conference 2019가 다음과 같이 예정입니다.
     ● 일정 : 2019년 3월 15일
     ● 장소 : FKI Tower (여의도 전경련회관)

1D CFD FloMASTER 및 3D CFD FloEFD, FloTHERM Simulation에 대한 사례 공유와 정보 교류의 시간을 갖고, 고객사 여러분들의 만남의 장이 될 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다. 
보다 자세한 사항은 상세보기를 통하여 확인하실 수 있습니다.


FloMASTER V9.1 Release!

FloMASTER V9.1이 Release 되었습니다.
그 주요한 내용은 다음과 같습니다.
  > Physics
     - Super Critical CO₂ Cycle
     - Electric Powertrain Thermal Management
     - Dynamic Script Based Components
     - Gas Turbine Labyrinth Seals
  > Connectivity
     - FMI Co-Simulation
     - OneSim; 1D-3D CFD Co-Simulation 
       (Simcenter FloEFD)
     - Interface to Simcenter Motorsolve
  > User Experience
     - Errors and Warnings 기능 향상
     - Black Box components Export
     - New Sample Systems 추가
     - Schematic Annotation 기능 향상
     - DOE 기능 향상
     - Launchpad 기능 향상

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[FloMASTER] What’s New in Simcenter Flomaster Software V9.1

Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 focuses on increasing user productivity and extending simulation applicability. A number of enhancements are introduced in the user interface and in the Launchpad to help to increase user productivity. In particular, warning and error messages are made more clear and powerful and a black-box component is introduced to protect sensitive data and intellectual property. New physical capabilities as well as strong connections with other simulation tools allow you to extend simulation applicability. On the physical side, Simcenter Flomaster V9.1 introduces new capabilities for thermal management of autonomous and electric vehicles and supercritical carbon dioxide cycle for power generation. On the connectivity side, it introduces an FMI co-simulation capability allowing Simcenter Flomaster models to be used in the wider environment of System-of-Systems simulations. An interface to Simcenter Motorsolve for accurate characterization of electric motors is also introduced. Finally, the connectivity with 3D CFD is extended by introducing “OneSimulation”, a unique, fully implicit co-simulation between 1D and 3D CFD.

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[FloMASTER] Two phase 솔버를 이용한 LNG의 기화 Heat duty 계산

FloMASTER의 Two Phase 솔버를 사용하여, LNG가 NG로 기화하는 시스템에서 열교환기 출구온도를 이용하여 열교환기에 필요한 Heat duty 를 계산하고자 한다.

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[FloEFD] Filtration and Separation simulation

If left uncontrolled, particles can wreak havoc with expensive machinery components and ultimately the wear and tear will result in equipment breakdown. A variety of separation and filtration strategies exist for use by design engineers depending on the state of the materials being separated.Centrifugation, cyclones, fluidized beds, various types of filter, settling tanks, and evaporators, are all applications where CFD can play a vital role in design and reducing the number of physical prototypes needed. Watch this 7 minute video to learn how FloEFD can be used to help improve filtration and separation. While this video shows FloEFD inside Solid Edge, you can expect the same level of integration with Siemens NX, Creo and CATIA V5. 

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[FloEFD] Minimizing Pressure Loss

Eliminating or reducing pressure loss is a vital necessity for many applications. After all, a pressure drop translates to a loss in energy which would have to be compensated by a higher energy demand for the pump or fan to overcome that loss. Therefore, it stands to reason that an optimized design resulting in the optimal pressure conditions, will increase energy efficiency while reducing operating costs. Watch this 3 minute video to understand how FloEFD can help you calculate pressure changes quickly, easily and effortlessly. While this video shows FloEFD inside Solid Edge, you can expect the same level of integration with Siemens NX, Creo and CATIA V5.

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[FloMASTER] 배관내 Bubble Flow (Variable Wave Speed) Modeling

Full Liquid System이 아닌 Bubble flow와 같이 부분적으로 Cavity 등 Gas가 포함된 유동의 경우, 소량 포함된 경우에도 Wave Speed가 큰 폭으로 변하며 Surge Pressure와 같은 Transient Pressure에 큰 변화를 가져온다. 전체적 2 Phase 유동해석이 아닌 부분적 Gas 함유를 고려한 해석은 과도현상 해석에 유용하다. 이에 대한 모델링 방법을 소개한다. 

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Flowmaster Korea FSupport

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교육 일정

FloEFD New User Training


2018.11.22(목) ~ 2018.11.23(금)



FloMASTER New User Training


2018.12.6(목) ~ 2018.12.7(금)



◆ 상기 교육 이 외의 교육을 원하시는 분께서는 연락 주시기 바랍니다.
    ( CAM, Co-Simulation(FloMASTER/CFD/Matlab), 엔진냉각 시스템, 엔진윤활 시스템,
      VTMS, Surge Analysis, 기타 Specific Application 등)
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