MpCCI CouplingEnvironment

The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been developed in order to provide an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes. MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been accepted as a ‘de facto’ neutral standard for simulation code coupling and provides a multi-physics framework. Within the MpCCI CouplingEnvironment the engineer can combine several ready to use models, define the application field and choose for the best-fit coupling method.

MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has already Successfully been used in Various Application Domains:

  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction for Aero-Elasticity and flexible Components in Machinery Design

  • Thermal Stress and Vibrations in Turbomachinery Applications

  • Combined System and 3D Continuum Models for Vehicle and Machine Dynamics

  • Coupled Fluid and Radiation for Automotive Thermal Management

  • Thermal and Magneto-Hydrodynamic Effects in Electrical Components

  • Fluid-Structure-Interactions in Bio-Medical Applications