: Concept

The MpCCI FSIMapper comes with a graphical user interface where all relevant parameters for the mapping can be set. The usage of the tool is quite simple: after selecting the models and parts some choices concerning algorithms and parameters have to be made. After the mapping the results and the original values are loaded into the MpCCI Visualizer.

The immediate visualization of the results makes it possible to detect model errors or bad mapping results due to parameter problems. The user can identify the critical areas and start a new mapping process.

Additionally, the MpCCI FSIMapper can be used as a batch tool. The parameters and settings that are normally made in the GUI can be defined in a simple ASCII configuration file.

The tool is available for Windows and Linux 64–bit machines (Windows 32-bit until FSIMapper 4.4.2) in graphical and batch mode.

Thermal mapping example
for Micro-Electronic Devices