MpCCI Mapper
: Concept

The MpCCI Mapper comes with a graphical user interface where all relevant parameters for the mapping can be set. The usage of the tool is quite simple: after selecting the models and parts some choices concerning algorithms and parameters have to be made. The immediate visualization of the results makes it possible to detect model errors or bad mapping results due to parameter problems. The user can identify the critical areas and start a new mapping process.

The graphical user interface of the MpCCI Mapper is split up in four major region. Located on left of the window is the main viewport where loaded models and quantities can be interactively displayed. Above the viewport a list of buttons form the so called 'toolbar‘ where basic operations of the MpCCI Mapper are linked. Nearby the viewport a panel region is displayed where the mapping, the list of meshes and parts, the validation of mapping and also certain quantities can be analyzed. At the bottom of the window a single button is present which is responsible for starting mapping, validation or analysis processes.

MpCCI Mapper uses a k-nearest-node mapping algorithm (default k = 4) that combines robustness with data smooting. At times where averaging of certain entities is not wanted or when data smoothing shall be increased MpCCI Mapper allows to adjust the number of data points used for interpolation.

Graphical user interface of MpCCI Mapper "This model has been developed by The National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC) of The George Washington University under a contract with the FHWA and NHTSA of the US DOT"