Simcenter Amesim 2304
: Libraries and solutions

Functional electric drive: major improvements

Functional electric drive : major improvements

Electric Motors and Drives

Electric Motors and Drive library

Multiple temperature & Torque or user-defined control signal 

Asymmetric characteristic & Torque time constant



Torque command or user-defined command

Multiple temperature dependency

Use DOE to generate a functional model

E-drive : fast and accurate model reduction process

Map generation demo for a quasi-static electric drive component

Model reduction process for detailed quasi-static thermal e-drive model

Electric machine noise and vibration app

Electric machine noise and vibration app

Electric Motors and Drives


Simulation input with spatial harmonic synchronous machine

Input data: B-field in the airgap & machine structural parameters



E-noise app study set-up

Vibration response

Acoustic response

Electric machine noise and vibration app – Leaf-like synchronous machine 

This application example  using Simcenter Motorsolve for a Leaf-like machine is  available on the support center

Get machine characteristics from Simcenter Motorsolve for NVH analysis

Simcenter Amesim simulation set-up and Leaf-like machine early NVH evaluation

Electric machine noise and vibration app – Advanced optional features



E-noise app study set-up

Vibroacoustic model reduction

Vibration and/or Acoustic response

2. Electric Storage 

Battery Aging Identification Tool

Battery Aging Identification Tool

Electric Storage

Tool attached to the advanced equivalent circuit battery models

A seamless workflow to handle battery aging

Tool interface



Identification of an aging law from test data

Use of calendar and cycling aging test data

Generic empirical aging law

Application: identification of an empirical aging law from experimental data

Get battery capacity loss from calendar and cycling aging tests

Identify the generic empirical aging law with the tool

Validate the identified aging law with a different test profile

3. Fuel Cell Components 

New PEM Electrolyzer

Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer

Fuel Cell Components

Fuel Cell Components library

Performance prediction at different temperatures 



Component-attached Parameter fitting App

Parameter fitting from experimental curve

Validation at different temperatures

4. Gas mixture Library 

Heat Exchanger Assistant – improved ease of use

Heat Exchanger Assistant – improved ease of use

Heat Exchanger Assistant


HEX Assistant available from the library tree

Seamless modification in parameter view or in the App

5. IFP Drive Library 

Driving cycle manager updates

Driving cycle manager updates


App Space > Vehicle Analysis and IFP-Drive > Drivers

Route planning tool



Driving cycle manager 

Route planning web service

Simulated route

Minimal Fiat 500e battery charge to reach Lyon from Roanne

Impact of traffic and tolls on energy consumption and trip duration

Hybrid Optimization Tool updates

Hybrid Optimization Tool (HOT) updates



Mechanical losses (HOT / generated sketch)

Series hybrid wheel loader loss analysis

Wheel loader architecture comparison

6. IFP Engine Library 

H2 engine design

Hydrogen combustion engine design

Internal combustion engine

IFP-Engine library /  Demos > Libraries > IFP-Engine

Impact of fuel/air ratio and EGR on NOx/H2 trade-off


Adapted Wiebe and NOx model

Updated MVEM tool

New heavy duty H2 engine demonstrator


Documented 13.5l H2 engine demonstrator

8 Transient simulations. Calibration impact on NOx and knock 

Compressor table creator

Compressor table creator

Internal combustion engine


Compressor table creator App

Compressor setpoints calculation

Compressor/engine matching analysis

7. 3D Mechanical Library 

Mecanum wheel component

Mecanum wheel component

3D Mechanical

3D Mechanical > Contact

Mecanum wheel model

Default configuration with 9 rollers



Compatible with recursive junctions

Mecanum creator tool to easily change the number of rollers and planes 

Automatic calculation of an optimized shape of the rollers

▶ Hybrid Optimization Tool (HOT) updates

Simple four-wheel AGV using mecanum wheels

Study of the impact on comfort of the number of rollers

8. Powertrain & Vehicle Dynamics 

Track Import Tool: GPX files

Track Import Tool: GPX files

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics > Tools

Interactive interface



GPX import

Data treatment

Model parametrization

Simrod in Pikes Peak demo

Pikes Peak road imported thanks to Trajectory Import tool

Automatic set-up and pre-configured view of the Simrod

K&C test bench import App -  AB Dynamics compatibility

K&C test bench import App – AB Dynamics compatibility

Vehicle Dynamics


AB Dynamics compatibility



Configuration file

Import of AB Dynamics data

Kinematics and compliance outputs

Improved continuity of vehicle models in IFP-Drive and Powertrain libraries

Vehicle models smooth continuity: IFP-Drive and Powertrain libraries

Powertrain library

Powertrain > Vehicles

Equivalent models and smooth continuity



Braking command at ports

Common parameters

Extra feature in Powertrain library: aerodynamic force as function of speed

Vehicle models smooth continuity: Equivalence Rules demos

Both models are equivalent

This allows you to switch to the Powertrain library and to the 2D vehicle features smoothy

9. Pneumatic component design 

Vectorial components in PCD library

Vectorial PCD components

Pneumatic Component Design

Pneumatic Component Design library

Common ports and parameters for all vectorial submodels 

Table-based rotary pistons and variable orifices



Surface Tool Python App

Pneumatic vectorial model

Chamber volume and Opening areas

Vectorial PCD components for rotary compressor modeling

Examples of rotary compressor types for which the PCD vectorial can be used to create detailed models

Multiple starting points for building a detailed model of a liquid ring pump

10. Signal and Control Library 

ROM Builder

Expanding Krylov methods (1/2)



New Krylov method for 2nd order systems

Optional damping


Expanding Krylov methods (2/2)



Support Matrix Market format

Iterative solver

New demo

2D static field reworks (1/3)



Major upgrade for 2D field ROM

Easier handling of input data

Field values

2D static field reworks (2/3)



New input format

Optional resizing

Automatic tagging

2D static field reworks (3/3)



Enhanced fidelity metric

Improved controls

Export to CSV

Usability enhancements



Simplified batch import

Error log for batch import

Discard state-space inputs

11. Thermal and Thermal Hydraulic Library 

Non-Newtonian Fluid flow in circular pipes

Non-Newtonian Fluid flow in circular pipes

Thermal Hydraulic

Thermal hydraulic library

Model various types of Non-Newtonian fluids



Get access to several formulations 

See the impact on friction factor

Study the effect of yield stress

12. Automotive and Off-highway solution 

Skid steering with wheels demo

Skid steering with wheels demo

3D Mechanical

Demos > Libraries > 3D Mechanical > Skid steering of a 6x6 vehicle

he new feature slide
3D wheel contact with ground



Instantaneous Center of Rotation

Suspension geometry

Multiple planes with various slopes

Amesim model

Validation from experimental measurements

Embedded CFD for cabin thermal management

Embedded CFD for cabin thermal management

Cabin thermal Management embedded CFD

Embedded CFD Cabin component in the HEAT library with attached app

Usability enhancements to work faster

Extended capabilities to improve model predictivity



Cabin split in zones
(here 45)

3D viewer in all steps

Heat load from passengers

Sense zone temperature

Updated demonstrator : Solutions/Automotive/Body/ECFD_CarCabin
Car cabin transient coupling simulation: cool-down test case

Hydrogen direct injection system

Hydrogen direct injection system

Fuel Injection


Demos->Solutions → AutomotiveEngine SubsystemsFuel system

Pressure and mass flow rate evolutions at injector tips

13. Aerospace and Defense Solution 

Axial Compressor Predesign App

Axial Compressor Predesign App

Gas Turbine


Launch from the App Space

Get the preliminary design of axial compressors

Preliminary design inputs

Get predesign outputs, including flowpath, weight and transient simulation parameters

Enter the parameters in a model and run a transient simulation

Space Demo Portal

Space Demo Portal



Demos > Solutions > Space

Various Space applications are covered

Gas generator rocket engine cycle

Assess engine thermodynamic cycle and performance

Electric-pump-fed rocket engine cycle

Set up an integrated model and assess RP1/LOX consumption and electrical system performance

Cooldown of cryogenic transfer lines

Study the impact of fluid properties on cooldown time

Mechanical heat pump for satellite electronics cooling

Assess cooling system performance for various heat loads

14. Marine Solution 

Marine Sea Routes App

Sea routes app

Aerospace and Marine

Aerospace and Marine > Marine > 1-DOF

Sea water properties with sea route submodel

Dedicated sea routes app

Sea routes app workflow



Draw sea routes

Import weather data

Display weather overlay

Generate sea properties table

Fuel consumption assessment

Performance assessment under real sea and weather conditions easily defined thanks to the Sea routes app and data overlays