Simcenter FLOEFD 2306
Model the complexity

Electronics – Thermal Analysis

▷ IGBT compact model


Predict junction temperature of an electrical element with a heat source determined by a non-linear Current–Voltage characteristic :


IGBT compact model as a composition of Electrical Element and 2R component compact models

Convenient implementation of electronic component

how it works

FLOEFD 2306_IGBT compact model.mp4

IGBT compact model

Reference temperature for BCI-ROM extraction


Prior BCI-ROM does not allow the use of materials with temperature dependent properties, so customer needs to substitute all dependencies with constant values. This procedure can be time consuming


Use reference temperature to obtain constant values from dependencies automatically for all materials

Update to the latest BCI-ROM version

Simplify project definition for BCI-ROM extraction

Component Explorer Export and import of a component list


Manage large volume of component materials and properties through Excel spreadsheet


Ability to export and import a component list from the Component Explorer dialog

Convenient management of component attributes

Component properties can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet then edited and imported back.
The order of the components in the exported list follows the original designer’s hierarchy.
Properties available for editing :

Electronics – Multiphysics

SC3D NASTRAN non-linear solver connection


Many structural analysis applications of interest in electronics require non-linear solver capabilities


Connect Simcenter FLOEFD with Simcenter 3D Nastran solver to access its non-linear functionality

Expand range of structural analysis applications

FLOEFD 2306_SC3D NASTRAN non-linear solver connection.mp4

Connection with the Simcenter 3D Nastran solver opens its non-linear capabilities to users from their familiar Simcenter FLOEFD interface :

Structural : Large displacement


Take into account structural non-linear behavior due to large displacement of geometry


Use Simcenter Nastran non-linear capabilities of iterative solver 401

Analyze cases with large displacement

FLOEFD 2306_Structural - Large displacement.mp4

Structural : Tolerance based contacts


Create contacts on surfaces of overlapping bodies or bodies with the gaps between them in preparation for structural analysis.


Tolerance based contacts: ability to specify tolerances and use them to create contacts between bodies with gaps

Improved options for contact definition

Example of a tolerance-based contact with non-ideal geometry of a ball joint with overlapping areas and regions with gaps

FLOEFD 2306_Tolerance based contacts.mp4

Structural : User defined maximum aspect ratio in local mesh


Create HEX dominant mesh for thin plates with high aspect ratio value, beyond the limitation of 1:4


Allow user to specify maximum aspect ratio for particular components in the Structural mesh settings dialog

Increased meshing efficiency for handling thin components

FLOEFD 2306_User defined maximum aspect ratio in local mesh.mp4

Structural : Goals for frequency analysis


Obtain eigenvalues of a frequency analysis as a goal function of a calculation, be able to conduct parametric study or optimization


add goals for frequencies

Modal frequency parametrization
with frequency values as goal functions

FLOEFD 2306_Goals for frequency analysis.mp4