Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2302

: Stay integrated


Efficient collaboration and sharing of information on CFD simulation setup right where needed 


Centralize your simulation information in one place (right in the sim file) by using simulation guide


ccm2302-Integrated access to simulation information.mp4

Integrated access to simulation information

2. Simcenter SPH Flow

Model the complexity

Simulate high-fidelity powertrain lubrication and cooling applications through accuracy improvement in the pressure field and heat transfer for the implicit solver

ccm2302-Model the complexity.mp4

Explore the possibilities

ccm2302-Explore the possibilities.mp4

3. Simcenter Battery Design Studio: multi-threaded computing


Obtaining battery cell performance data (e.g. for subsequent CFD simulations) as fast as possible


Multi-threaded computing capabilities at no extra cost with the option to specify number of threads


Significant speedup at no additional license cost

Up to 10x faster battery cell simulations