EBook “Confidence in Fluid System Design” by Don Miller

Don Miller는 Fluid Flow System Simulation의 발전에 있어 핵심 인물 가운데 한명입니다.
이 Ebook을 통해 "Internal Flow System" Data Book의 출처 및 만들어진 배경을 돌아보고, System Simulation이 효율적인 에너지등과 깊은 관련이 있음을 설명하고 있습니다.


      • Due Diligence

      • 3D Loss Coefficient

      • Due Diligence not a Literature Review

      • Confidence in Internal Flow System

      • Origins of Internal Flow Systems

      • Importance of Static Pressure Measurements

      • Validation of BHRA Loss Coefficients

      • Cavitation

      • Compressible Flow

      • Transient Analysis and other Dynamic Events

      • The Origins of Flowmaster

      • Developments since the BHRA studies and the need for Standards

      • Postscript – Validation of fluid system 3D CFD studies