10 Myths of Computational Fluid Dynamics

In this paper we debunk 10 popular excuses to avoid using general-purpose CFD software to solve Navier-Stokes equations, and how it can improve product design in everything from swimming pools to production printing systems to oil filters.

Download this White Paper to access our response to the following myths :

  • Myth #1: CFD is too difficult to be used in the design process

  • Myth #2: CFD takes too long to use during the design process

  • Myth #3: CFD is too expensive to be used by mechanical designers

  • Myth #4: You can't directly use your CAD model to do CFD analysis

  • Myth #5: Most products don't need CFD analysis

  • Myth #6: Usability is not a prerequisite for a reliable and reproducible workflow

  • Myth #7: Accuracy has to be sacrificed to use CFD during the design process

  • Myth #8: Experts are needed to get accurate CFD simulation results

  • Myth #9: Production CAD is too complex to use for analysis

  • Myth #10: Concurrent (CAD-embedded) CFD tools lack sophistication

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