2017 Don Miller Award Winners Showcase

Each year the candidates for the Don Miller Award prove how diverse and flexible FloMASTER is for providing reliable accurate results. This year is no different with submissions came from Korea, China, United States, and Australia. The 2017 Don Miller Award winners were selected based on their demonstration of excellence for a range of thermo-fluid design applications, including waste water reclamation, gas turbine blade cooling, and fueling of a space launch vehicle.

A team comprising Hwayoung Oh, and Sunil Kang from the Korean Aerospace Research Institute, and Jaejun Lee, Sangmin Park, and Eun Sang Jung of Hyundai Heavy Industries received the first place award for their design featured in the Journal of the Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers paper, "Analysis on the Filling Mode of Propellant Supply System for the Korea Space Launch Vehicle". Their analysis used a FloMASTER simulation model to verify the fueling scenarios to be used for fueling the Korean NARO rocket.

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