Ask The GSS Expert : How does the Pressure Potential
and the coordinate system effect the pressure in FloEFD?

For several application areas, it is crucial to consider the hydrostatic height, for example for the design of pumps or fans. For models of high geodetic head and/or for fluids with high density, the gravitational head is significant. It is important to understand how FloEFD works to avoid any mistakes.

Setting up a FloEFD project user may ask himself the following questions :

  • Do I need to correct the environment pressure (to take into account the piezo pressure) for FloEFD models of a high geodetic head, if there are openings at different heights?

  • Does FloEFD take into account gravitational head correctly?

  • How do you define the pressure at these openings?

  • My pressures are too low or too high in the equipment. Is it normal?

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