Design Processes and Levels of Thermal Analysis

At UAES, a Robert Bosch company, the thermal simulation of products takes an increasing role in the product development process. In a joint venture with Chinese Engine Management Systems Corporation Ltd (CNEMS), the product line includes a large range of automotive powertrain components such as Engine/Electronic Control Units (ECUs), Sensors, Ignition Coils, Inverters and Throttle Valves. The increasing demand in thermal management requires a recognition of the product development process and the introduction of an increased number of simulation steps, in order to ensure product functionality, performance, and reliability.

At UAES’ Technical Product Development Center, the CAE Manager Bao Chenyu, and his team ensures the thermal performance of their products is within the limitation of the components and customers' specifications. The application of FloEFD™ and FloTHERM® increases the breadth of the simulation capabilities from early in the design stage, to the start of production (SOP). Both tools are used either separately or in combination, depending on the level of thermal analysis.

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