Don Miller - An Apprentice to a Leading Research Engineer

Don Miller is after 10 years service in the RAF as an apprentice and engine technician, Don Miller joined the celebrated British aero-engine company Bristol-Siddeley to work on defect investigation. Following his Master’s degreein Aeronautical Engineering at Cranfield University, Don went on to join the British Hydrodynamic Research Association (BHRA, now BHR Group) in 1965. While at BHRA, he was involved in a number of research programmes focusing on fluid system performance, cavitation and pressure surge. Don rose within the organisation to become Head of the Industrial Fluid Mechanics group before taking up the post as Research Director.

Don Miller is the author of Internal Flow Systems, the de facto standard source for fluid system pressure loss data.

1. Early Life & Career

2. Internal Flow Systems – My Hobby

3. Being the Judge and Jury

4. Global Adoption

5. To Young Engineers