Implementing new distributed chilled water pumping system for AC system

When designing or upgrading a building, there are several areas that require significant engineering to ensure they can operate in as green a manner as possible.
One of these areas is the chilled water system for air conditioning. In these systems, whether they are primary, primary-secondary, or primary-secondary-tertiary, the pumping energy can account for up to 10% of the total power required to run the system. This usage of energy means newer system designs are required to meet or exceed pumping power limitations set out by government and industry to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems.
These requirements (along with improvements in the efficiency of low flow, high head variable speed pumps), have led to an investigation of other pumping strategies. As part of the work carried out for the building design, an investigation into a Primary-Coil Secondary pumping system was carried out using 1D Computational Fluid Dynamic software tool, FloMASTER.

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