Technion Leverages FloEFD to Validate Versatile Transonic Micro-turbine Test Rig

The ability to experimentally investigate turbine profile performance has been an area of interest for both academia and industry for a long time. While there is a relatively large number of existing test rigs, Technion are using a unique closed loop continuous transonic turbine cascade design that offers potential benefits that existing rigs do not.

The goal of the planned rig is to create a platform for versatile test aided design of compressor stators and turbine nozzle guide vanes that will significantly reduce the turnaround time between different experimental set ups and provide

researchers with a reliable tool that can simulate aero-thermal parameters relative to micro-turbomachinery. Over time, this will produce a large empirical database that can be used for CFD validation. Along these lines, the capabilities are geared towards convenient aerodynamic performance studies including improved transonic loss correlations, as well as evaluation of heat transfer characteristics under a broad range of thermal management (cooling) techniques.

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