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Axial Force calculation and Processing

The calculation of the thrust acting upon a cavity face was introduced in Simcenter Flomaster 2301.  Simcenter Flomaster 2304 introduces a new App that will sum the forces acting upon each shaft in a turbine and give the user the net force. 

In addition, the App includes the option to view the results for each face and an export to Excel.

Gas Turbine Secondary Air


Axial Force Result

Summation of Forces

Global Result Filter

Filters were introduced to systems in Simcenter Flomaster 2210 and can be used to restrict the results output increasing simulation speed, reducing result set size and improving result understanding.

The new global filter allows the filter to be applied to all systems in the database.  If a system filter is also used the effect will be additive taking into account, both filters.



Accessible from ribbon

Filter configuration

Feature Highlights

Selecting a Feature Highlight on the Discover tab of Launchpad will unpack a system demoing new functionality along with a description of the new feature and how to use it.