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FMI 3.0 export support and FMI 3.0 terminal export

FMI 3 Terminal Export

Simcenter Flomaster includes a new FMI 3 terminal component.  This is designed to be used in conjunction with 1D Heat Transfer modelling conjugate heat transfer along a pipe length.  The component takes an input of pipe wall temperature and will export the internal fluid temperature and Heat Transfer Coefficient.

FMU Export supporting FMI 3

FMUs can now be exported supporting V3 of the FMI standard, this supplements the existing capability to export FMUs for V2 of the standard.


FMI 3.0 Convective Terminal

FMI 3.0 Export

OPC UA Enhancements

The OPC UA capability has been enhanced to include:


Offline mode


Alphabetic sorting

Simcenter System Fluids

This feature allows fluids to be obtained from a shared Simcenter fluids database, once enabled this can be accessed from the Materials section of the Launchpad.  The library used for fluid created is included with Simcenter Flomaster 2304 and no additional packages need to be installed.


Create fluid from Launchpad

Fluid for simulations

Pipe Schedule Enhancements

The creation of pipe schedules and their use in the definition of internal diameters has been enhanced in Simcenter Flomaster 2304.